Ultimate Bible Study Organizer

Want to know how to keep everything about your walk with the Lord in one place? 

You can get this for free if you become one of my Ultimate or Premium Crazy Simple Study Sisters at https://www.crazysimpletruth.com

Seriously this is THE ultimate Bibles study organizer. 
I am a Bible study teacher and Christian artist and I designed this for me so it 
literally has everything I need to keep all of my Bible reading and 
study papers organized, so I know personally, that it will help you too!

There are seven different cover designs to choose from, 

a fun dashboard design to use inside your binder,

11 different sections (with 2 different design choices for each- one uses less ink) 

to keep you super organized, a guided worksheet for each section 

(some sections have 2 or 3 different worksheets), a printable page 

with two different tab size selections,

all in a rainbow of vibrant color!

I actually ended up using this cover choice as a dashboard
inside my binder because she is so cute!

You can use these in an 8.5 x 11" binder or shrink them down when 

printing to fit your disk planner system or A5 notebook 

(or whatever size you use!)

There are 11 sections that include: 

1) Bible Reading Log with a monthly Bible reading plan worksheet  and a weekly Bible reading log

2) Verse Mapping with a verse mapping worksheet to break down Bible study verses during your study time

3) Scripture Writing with monthly scripture writing plan and a scripture writing log with check marks, plus cool graph paper for writing your scriptures out bullet journal style (or just in a straight line!!)

4) Study Schedule with a worksheet for your group Bible study or even individual study plans

5) Bible Study Notes with a graph paper note-taking page (I keep my current Bible study workbooks in this section too!)

6) Bible Study Members section with a name and contact info sheet to help keep Bible study friends info organized and easy to locate

7) Prayers & Praise with a prayer request and an answered date (praise!) tracking log

8) Bible Study Ideas with a place for writing out your future Bible
 study plans and ideas (I add my future Bible study calendars here too!)

9) Bible Study Tips with a neat worksheet to help you write down tips and tricks you have learned and where you have learned them in case you want to go back to that website or video and learn more

10) Past Bible Studies with a worksheet log tracking the studies you have done along with the date and leader

11) Notes with a cool graph paper design to do a "brain dump" and write down ANYTHING about the Bible that you want to remember

The final page is a full color tab printable with two different size options depending on the size of notebook you want to make.

This literally has everything you need to be a student of the Word of God 

(which is the MOST IMPORTANT thing you can be! )